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From The Dubois County Daily Herald
Monday, July 1, 1957

Relic Museum, Book-Document Gallery Open

Two of the features of the Pioneer German Days celebration which all festival visitors will want to be sure to take in are the relic museum and the book and document galleries.

The relic museum has been the work of the Navy Club, Ship No. 90, and is located in the community room of the Dubois County State Bank.

The book and document gallery, compiled by the Madeleva Literary Club, is located in the show windows of the Ben Franklin store on the Public Square.   As this edition went to press, the response to the appeal for the books and documents was so great that steps were being taken to acquire the use of the community room of the German American Bank to supplement the Ben Franklin location for the material.  

Officials of the Navy Club reported, too, that appeals for suitable relics have brought response and that the collection displayed contains many interesting items.

Amount the unusual displays, the navy Club has is a set of pioneer cooper’s tools, a handmade bedspread more than 100 years old, and many others.

The literary group has been fortunate in acquiring for display such important works as original and photo static copies of records from Pfaffenweiler and Wagshurst, Germany, relating to families who immigrated to this area.