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From The Dubois County Daily Herald
Monday, July 1, 1957

Special Program Tonight at 8 On The Square

Jasper’s downtown area was a beehive of activity today as final preparations were being completed for the six-day Pioneer German Days celebration which opens this afternoon.

The “market place” booths around the square and the Relic Museum and Book and Document Gallery were expected to be in operation right after dinner with the official opening set for 5:30 on the west side of the courthouse.

In addition to the opening ceremonies at 5:30 P.M. it was announced that another special program will be conducted at eight o’clock this evening from the west portico of the Courthouse.

It was anticipated that there will be some citizens in costume on the Public Square this evening.  

The Madeleva Literary Club of Jasper has issued a request for more books and documents for its display at the German-American Bank Community Room.   The items will be catalogued before being put on display.   Anyone having such items and willing to lend them should call Mrs. Omer Kuebler.

Many retail stores have unusual window displays.

Tewell’s Shoe Store has devoted one of its display windows to an exhibit of shoes worn in bygone days.   The display, entitled “Shoes Through the Ages,” was rented from the International Shoe Co. of St. Louis.

Sermersheim’s Auto and Home Supply Store has a window full of dolls, arrayed in many styles.   All but one are from the collection of Mrs. Guy Lambert of Jasper.

Tuesday’s Agenda

Included in the market place around the Public Square on Tuesday will be the Grandmothers Club’s “Kaffee Klatsch” in the southeast corner.

The Grandmothers will be open for business at nine A.M. with genuine old-fashioned kuchen and doughnuts and coffee.   Later they will add ham sandwiches, German Style slaw, German potato salad, hot dogs and soft drinks to their menu.

The Astra theatre has Western movies slated at ten o’clock Tuesday morning, mostly to keep the small fry occupied while mom and dad take in the rest of the festival.

The Kiwanis Club’s “Kinder Karnival” switches the spotlight to Armory Park at one in the afternoon where the usual variety of kiddie rides, special events and refreshments will be provided through the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Back on Public Square, the Astra has a German movie, “Der Foreliche Weinberg” booked for Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The old fashioned “Schwaben picnics” are scheduled for Tuesday night at Armory Park and elsewhere.