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The Dubois County Daily Herald
HARK THE HERALD by A. T. Rumbach
Written in 1950 and 1954

In January of 2005, in the Looking Back section of The Herald, a paragraph appeared mentioning Editor A.T. Rumbach’s visit to Pfaffenweiler in 1954.  

In doing some research at the Jasper Public Library, it was discovered that there are many articles written by A. T. Rumbach describing his visits to Europe in 1950 and 1954.   These articles appeared in the Hark the Herald section of The Dubois County Daily Herald in the days and weeks following his return to Jasper.

The following articles mention areas of interest on German heritage in Dubois County.   The following is some background information on these articles.   Fred Rumbach was born in Reute, Germany on March 5, 1881.   He arrived in Jasper with his parents when he was seven months old.   His brother, A.T., was born in Jasper in 1895.   A.T. died in 1958 and Fred died in 1969.   In August of 1950, they visited Reute.   In 1954, they visited Reute and also visited Wagshurst and Pfaffenweiler.   Virgil Gramelspacher and Alphonse Sermersheim accompanied them on their 1954 trip.   The dates that you will see in connection with the articles are the dates these articles appeared in The Dubois County Daily Herald.   One note, these articles were written prior to the establishment of Sister Cities International but read as a blueprint for Sister Cities.

Monday, October 16, 1950
European Series Begins Tomorrow
Tuesday, November 16, 1954
We Say "Auf Wiedersehen"
Tuesday, October 17, 1950
Why Do People Go Abroad?
Friday, December 10, 1954
Wagshurst, Ancestral Home, And Strassbourg
Wednesday, October 18, 1950
As Others See Us Americans
Wednesday, December 15, 1954
Oberkirch and Reute
December 14, 1950
Swiss Alps, Chalets and Dialect
Thursday, December 16, 1954
Receptions, Formal and Informal
December 19, 1950
Freiburg and Reute
Saturday, December 18, 1954
Life in a German "Dorf"
December 20, 1950
The Other Side of Germany
Tuesday, January 11, 1955
Visit to Kirchofen and Pfaffenweiler
December 21, 1950
Christmas in September
Wednesday, January 12, 1955
Facts, Dates and Names
December 27, 1950
A Drive Through The Schwarzwald
Thursday, January 13, 1955
Switzerland, Its Alps, Lakes, Cities
December 28, 1950
Triberg Im Schwarzwald
Saturday, January 15, 1955
Einsiedeln, Mother of St. Meinrad's
Wednesday, January 3, 1951
The Living and The Dead
Tuesday, January 18, 1955
The Rhine Falls, and Reute Again
Thursday, January 4, 1951
We Say "Auf-Wiedersehn"
Wednesday, January 19, 1955
Excitement in Reute; We Say "Lebe Wohl"
Monday, November 15, 1954
Let's Take A Trip to Europe
Thursday, January 20, 1955
Hammel-fest And Christmas in Reute