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imgThe Dubois County Daily Herald
Pioneer German Days in Jasper
July 1, 1957 - July 6, 1957

The following articles are taken from The Dubois County Daily Herald,
Monday, July 1, 1957

Civic Groups Banded Together To Plan Fete

The idea for a “Pioneer German Days” celebration in Jasper was conceived by the Jasper Chamber of Commerce and was brought into reality at a meeting called by the Chamber at which representatives of 28 civic, social, fraternal and ladies organizations of the community were present.

At a second meeting, the majority of groups reported favorable reaction from their memberships and the organization was set up with Arthur C. Nordhoff selected as general chairman and Albert T. Rumbach as honorary chairman.

To assist in directing the course of the celebration, a steering committee of six members was also elected and this group has been charged with giving the event direction.   It includes Harold Bettag, Mrs. Herb Pittman, Jr., Dick Krodel, Bob Loepker, Leonard Newman and Art Jarboe.

Celebration Is Cultural Revival by A. T. Rumbach
Here Is Calendar Of Events For The Entire Celebration
Fr. Kundek Recognized As An Early Leader German Consul Accepts Bid To Attend Festival
Special Events Each Day During Week-Long Fete Kuchen, Sausage, Fish Just A Few Food Features
Business Areas Are In Festive Dress Relic Museum, Book-Document Gallery Open
German Movie Slated Tuesday At The Astra Geh Rous Die Shed! By A. T. Rumbach
Kinder Karnival Opens 2-Day Stand Tuesday Das Music Fest Will Provide Varied Music
Croatian Group Plans Special Thurs. Program Special Program Tonight at 8 On The Square
Parade Still Growing Special Music At K. of C. Home Tonight
Stone Cross Is The Result Of Vow Made At Sea WITZ Announces Its German Days Schedule