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February 2003

January Meeting in Review

The Wine and Beer Judging and Tasting meeting of the Jasper Deutscher Verein was held on Thursday, January 16 th , at the VFW #673 Post Home in Jasper. Over 50 members, children and guests attended the meeting.

Darren Patterson, President, welcomed all in attendance and invited all to enjoy the snacks and appetizers brought by the club members.

President Patterson then turned the meeting over to Dan Wehr, a board member, who presented a new slate of officers for nomination. Dan Gutgsell was nominated as President, Bob Dilger as Vice President, Rita Egler as Treasurer, and Patti Goepfrich as Secretary.

Sharon Hoffman made a motion that the slate of officers nominated be accepted. Ruth Wibbels seconded the motion. Members voted to accept the nominees for their offices for two-year terms.

Dan Gutgsell thanked the club members for their confidence and thanked all in attendance, on behalf of the other officers. He then thanked Darren Patterson for his years of service to the Deutscher Verein and presented him with tokens of appreciation. The first being a picture of Darren and Ann Patterson taken during the Strassenfest and the other being a German Nutcracker representing the Octoberfest.

Mr. Gutgsell then thanked his wife, Kathy Gutgsell, for the excellent work she does on the club newsletter. All gave Kathy a round of applause.

He then announced that the annual JHS German Club Chili Dinner benefiting the Exchange Program will be held on Friday, January 24 th at the JHS cafeteria.

Rita Egler, treasurer, gave the financial report. She also stated that she is accepting dues for 2003. Dues are $5 for single membership and $10 for a couple membership. They may be mailed to Jasper Deutscher Verein at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47547-0015 Attn: Rita Egler.

President Gutgsell announced that Lowell Glendenning and Marie Hendry will give the February program on German Traditions. The next meeting will be Thursday, February 20 th .

Dan Hoffman and his band will entertain at the March meeting with German-Bluegrass music.

Dan and Linda Wehr were Co-Chairmen of the annual Wine and Beer Judging Tasting event. Members had brought their finest homemade wines and beers for judging and later tasting by all club members.

In the homemade beer category, Darren Patterson was the winner.

In the Other Wine category, Art Kapp was the winner, Ruth Wibbels placed second and Barb Berger was third.

In the Grape Wine category, Harvey Berger won first place, second place went to Irene Kapp, and third place, Dan Wehr.

Judges for the event were Don Scherle, Cletus Knies and Rita Corn. Mr. Gutgsell thanked the Chairman, judges, and all club members for participating in the event.

Irene C. Eckerle and Phyllis Gilley won attendance prices. Dave Berger won the half-pot prize.

The remainder of the evening was spent socializing and tasting the wines and beers made by the club members.

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars!

February Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 20th
Time: 6:00 Social Time
6:30 Snacks & Appetizers
7:00 Business Meeting
7:15 Program
Place: VFW

Lowell Glendenning, Marie Hendry and Matt Hilger will present a program on “German Ways”. Come join us to find out why the new German bride climbs on the house roof and throws down a glass. This and other interesting German customs and traditions will be discussed.

The club will provide beer and soft drinks. Members are asked to bring an appetizer / snack to share.

Other Events of Interest

Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 7:15 pm
Max Kade German-American Center Seminar Room
First Floor of the Athenaeum
401 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis
       German-American Relations:
                  Policies and Issues

John Clark, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute will be the speaker.

The program - in English - is free of charge and open to the public. Prior to the program, 6 p.m. at the Athenaeum Rathskeller Restaurant, right after the board meeting (members are always welcome!) the presenter, members, and guests meet for Stammtisch and a German meal in the Athenaeum Rathskeller. Good food and good talk, some in German!

The Indiana German Heritage Society is dedicated to the study and promotion of Hoosier German history and heritage. For further information call the German-American Center at 317 464-9004.

Feb. 22: Fasching/Karneval, German American Klub, Indianapolis (317-888-6940)


Through February 23, 2003 the IMA features a special exhibit, "The Print in the North--The Age of Albrecht Dürer and Lucas van Leyden: Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art." The exhibit includes 10 prints by Albrecht Dürer. In the total of 81 engravings, etchings and woodcuts are also works by other German Renaissance artists: Martin Schongauer, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Hans Baldung Grien, and 28 others from the period of 1425 to 1550, "which saw the development of printmaking as a fine art in Germany and the Netherlands" (at that time still part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation).

Docent-led tours are Thursdays at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays, 2 p.m.--More info on the IMA website: http://www.ima-art.org/.

Friday, March 28: 5:30 p.m. Business Meeting, Buffet

Supper and Program at 7:00 p.m.: Restoring Old

German Structures: The Why And How.

Saturday, March 29, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ANNUAL MEETING SYMPOSIUM

           Indy's German Architectural Treasures

                  History and Preservation

We are fortunate to have some great speakers: Roll McLaughlin, Historic Landmarks, will speak about "Indianapolis and The Mile Square." Reid Williamson, President of Historic Landmarks, will discuss the Wholesale District and Lockerbie as National Models. Prof. Jim Divita will talk about the Downtown Churches, including Sacred Heart Church. Bill Selm will round out the program with the Deutsche Haus-Athenaeum. There will be tours offered of the Athenaeum, possibly a walk (or drive) to Germantown/Lockerbie or a visit to the newly renovated Sacred Heart Church.

For information contact Ruth Reichmann at 812 988-2866 or Giles Hoyt at 317 464-9004 ghoyt@iupui.edu

Erinnerst Du Dich?

By Patti Goepfrich

Firemen’s Band Plans

County Tour – October, 1980

The Schledehausen Fireman’s Brigade Band will visit Huntingburg, Jasper, Ferdinand and Lincoln City next week and present two concerts as part of its tour of southern Indiana.

The band leaves Chicago Sunday afternoon and arrives in Huntingburg at 7 pm to be welcomed by Mayor Dale Helmerich before dinner and an overnight stay at the Dutchman Inn, Best Western Motel.

Monday morning the group will arrive at Lincoln Park before 9 to tour the museum and farm before returning to Huntingburg and a visit to Southridge High School, where band members will be welcomed by Principal Ray Roesner, tour the school and have lunch in the cafeteria with students.

Arriving in Jasper around noon, the group will tour the county courthouse, then tour the Kimball organ plant and music center in mid-afternoon before returning to its lodgings in Huntingburg.

After a picnic style dinner at the Jasper VFW home about 7, the band will present its first concert.

After visiting New Harmony and Evansville Tuesday and Owensboro Wednesday, the band will return to Huntingburg in late afternoon Wednesday and present an after-dinner concert at the Dutchman Inn.

Thursday morning the group will visit the Bartley Foods turkey processing plant then tour a turkey farm near Ferdinand before leaving for French Lick, Bloomington and Indianapolis.

(Found In The Deutscherverein Records)

High School German Program

JHS German Exchange Chili Supper was a success! Thank you for contributing. We sold all of the chili and desserts, which was a first. It was the perfect warm up for a chilly evening.

On Saturday, February 22, the JHS German Club will be traveling to Muncie, Indiana on the Ball State Campus again this year for our 4th Staatskongress. Staatskongress is a statewide competition among students of German. There are a total of 40 different cultural and academic competitions, as well as several workshops for the students to engage in. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn about other German programs and it helps increase their commitment to become better students of German.

JHS is in charge of the "Jahrmarkt" this year, which means that we set up a mini-market of prizes for students who took part in competitions throughout the day. We desperately need contributions for our market. All prizes and items are donated, we have written and mailed 50 letters to adult German Clubs and Sports teams all over the state of Indiana, as well as to the Goethe Institute and so on.

If you have any contributions, such as German books, T-shirts, souvenirs, dictionaries, etc., please call me at 482-4108 my home or leave a message at school 812- 482-6050.

Thank you for all that you do to support me,

Tara Deppert, and the JHS German program.

A Special Note from Tara Deppert

All German Exchange and German Club activities, which are organized and carried out, are done so by me for no extra compensation, other than the happiness and fulfillment of my German students.

Your positive comments, encouragement, and contributions really make me feel like my sacrifices have been worthwhile.

I will be leaving Jasper High School to move to Evansville and I know that I have disappointed many of you. I want you to know that I meant well, I have loved participating in the community and most of all I love my students.

I just wish there was a way to give me some relief, so that I could teach, run the exchange, and raise a healthy, well-adjusted family. Since my husband started working until late every evening, I find that I can't find a way to do it all. Leaving my 3 year old son with a babysitter all day and all night is just not an option for me.

Like many of you, I have to make choices that are best for my family and me. I know that you will find another German teacher. I hope that you will find one that can give you everything that you need to continue your awesome legacy.

I just want you to know, that while I will be relieved to be rid of the overwhelming responsibility, I will miss all of you and your spirit to remember your heritage. I will miss my students. I will remember you fondly, and I hope that when your disappointment subsides, you will remember me fondly also.

Best Wishes to you all.

Herzlichen Glückwünsch in der Zukunft

German Heritage Endowment Fund

Contributions to the Jasper Deutscher Verein German Heritage Endowment for the month of January 2003

In memory of William Seng:

      Mr. ands. Fred Hollinden

In memory of William Webber:

      Tom and Patti Goepfrich

      Joe and Irene Eckerle

In memory of Leonard Wehr:

      Thomas and Miriam Bryan

      Joe and Irene Eckerle

      Phyllis Gilley

      Tom and Patti Goepfrich

      Roberta J. Harris

      John and Betty Keusch

      Larry and Jayne Mehringer

      Ambrose Schwenk

      Phil and Susan Stetter

      Danny and Linda Wehr

      Harvey and Bernita Berger

      Dan and Sharon Hoffman

      Ken and Rosemary Heim

      Harold and Nancy Burton

      LaVerne Kieffner

      Fred and Mary Jane Roeder

      Dave and Brenda Buehler

      Jim and Rita Corn

      Gary and Rita Egler

      Mike and Pat Hochgesang

German Recipe of the Month

In a large pot, add bacon bits and cook until fat is rendered and bacon is half crisp. Add onion and bratwurst and let brown lightly, not stirring too frequently. Add vinegar and sugar and reduce liquid by half. Add water, cabbage, bouillon cubes, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Cook for ½ hour and adjust seasoning. Stir in apple only when you are ready to serve.

Famous German Americans

Marlene Dietrich, professional name of Maria Magdalene Dietrich von Losch (1901-92), American actor, born in Berlin and trained for the stage at the school of the noted theatrical director Max Reinhardt. During the 1920s she became an important performer in the Berlin theater and in silent films. In 1924 she married the German film casting director Rudolf Sieber. The American film director Josef von Sternberg (1984-1969) cast her in the leading female role of the Blue Angel, filmed in Berlin during 1929-30, in both German and English versions. Her haunting and sensuous singing and acting in this film created a sensation. As a result, Dietrich was brought to the U.S., where she starred in a series of films under von Sternberg’s direction, including Morocco (1930) and The Devil Is a Woman (1935). For other directors she appeared in Desire (1936) and Destry Rides Again (1939). Denouncing the nationalism of post-World War I Germany, she became an American citizen in 1939. During World War II she made more than 500 appearances before American troops overseas. Her postwar films include Witness for the Prosecution (1958) and Judgment at Nuremberg (1961). In 1954 she made her American cabaret debut in Las Vegas and in 1967 her New York City theater debut in a musical engagement that was internationally acclaimed. Dietrich made a concert tour of the U.S. in 1973.

Membership Dues

It’s that time of year again! Please submit your dues as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form. Thanks!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact Matthias Hilger or Patti Goepfrich.

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