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  • JHS Exchange Students with Buergermeister Dieter Hahn in Pfaffenweiler
    JHS Exchange Students with Buergermeister
    Dieter Hahn of Pfaffenweiler
    Jasper Partnership Commission Meeting lead by Mayor Bill Schmitt took place January 12 and Sister Cities of Jasper Board Meeting January 15 at the Schnitzelbank.
  • Sister Cities of Jasper Membership Meeting took place March 15 during the Deutscher Verein Meeting; Officers and Board Members were elected as presented.
  • John and Lisa (Gutgsell) Birge were in Pfaffenweiler March 10 and 11. 
  • Tommy Eckerle, through IU, attends University of Freiburg beginning March 1 and visits Pfaffenweiler multiple times and departs Germany in July.
  • Poessneck students arrive on April 10 for a two week stay at JHS; departed on April 24. Matthias Hilger, President of Jasper Partnership Commission visits new Buergermeister Dieter Hahn of Pfaffenweiler for first official visit and discusses school and work exchanges, media exchanges, and the 25th Anniversary of the Partnership in 2010.
  • On May 30, 10 students from Jasper High School depart for four week school exchange to Germany.
  • On June 28, the 10 students from JHS return from Germany.  Amanda Hilger and Olivia Gutgsell spent an additional 10 days in Pfaffenweiler and Jim Gutgsell accompanied them back to Jasper.
  • July 28 through August 2, Markus Schmidt with his parents from Pfaffenweiler visit Markus' host family Gloria and Dan Kieffner and their son, Andrew.  Markus was guest in their home last fall with the Exchange Program, but did not have a counter body for a return visit in June in Pfaffenweiler; the Schmidt's left Jasper to travel by RV across the country for several weeks.
  • On August 3, Aileen Ehrhart, from Ehrenkirchen, a neighbor town of Pfaffenweiler, an Exchange Student from Faust Gymnasium Staufen last November arrives in Jasper for a full school year. Mark and Michelle Bramlett will host her for the school year. 
  • On August 8 and August 9, Martha Rasche, Rose Rasche, Dorothy Rasche, and Candy Neal visit Pfaffenweiler.  Martha had been there in 2000 for the 15th Anniversary. 
  • On August 27th, Karin Horst of Pfaffenweiler contacts Mathias Hilger on Dominik Klein from Pfaffenweiler was trying to find a school year place in the USA.  The organization he is working with, IST, has not found a host family for him.  The officials at JHS agree to enroll him for the school year.  Kathy and Matthias Hilger will be hosting him.  Dominik arrived on September 12 and began school on September 17 and will stay until May, 2008.
  • In September, Mary Jo Meuser, and Gayle and Stan Jochum attended the 30th anniversary Schneckenfest; returning September 23 to Jasper after travels in Greece and Germany. 
  • Regine Haderer of Pfaffenweiler was the guest of Gene and Mary Tempel at Indianapolis August 27 - September 20.  She visited with family and friends in Jasper during her stay in Indiana.
  • On October15, Ellen Doane, from Jasper, visited Reute and Pfaffenweiler on a whirlwind trip to many friends and relatives in Germany. She met with Eddy Weeger from Pfaffenweiler.
  • In November, Tom Kiefer visited his distant family in Pfaffenweiler. 
  • The annual fundraiser for the JHS Student Exchange program by Sister Cities of Jasper has been initiated in November and is on target to be successful again.  Included in the funds received is a Grant from the Dubois County Community Foundation for $1,000.