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  • Overlooking Pfafenweiler, Germany
    Overlooking Pfaffenweiler, Germany
    Twenty students from Poessneck, Germany, participated in the student exchange program at Jasper High School in April for two weeks.  Twenty-seven of JHS's students traveled to Staufen and Pfaffenweiler, Germany, in late May for a student exchange.  This visit was then followed up with nineteen of these students traveling to Poessneck, Germany, for a one-week visit.
  • Thirteen residents from the Pfaffenweiler area visited Jasper's annual Strassenfest.  This year's Strassenfest theme focused on the 150-year anniversary of the immigration of approximately 90 people from Pfaffenweiler, Germany, to Jasper.  These visitors were guests of honor throughout the fest and participated in the parade on Sunday afternoon.  All of the visitors were guests of local families.
  • A movie was funded in Germany by SDR (Sued Deutscher Rundfunk) and produced by Director Juergen Stumpfhaus depicting what life was like and the hardships endured by the Pfaffenweiler immigrants leading up to their decision to emigrate to America in 1847. The cast includes approximately 200 residents of Pfaffenweiler, Germany, and was completed in the German language.  The movie has now been translated into English and, available for purchase at the Dubois County Museum.
  • Several German students participating in a work/study program came to Jasper during the year. They were:

a) Alexandra Eckerle completed her employment at Sten's Corporation.  While
    here, she stayed with distant relatives during her 18-month experience, Joe and Irene Eckerle.
b) Yvonne Michel shadowed several doctors during her 6 months here in Jasper.     
    She was also given the opportunity to see these doctors in action at Memorial
    Hospital. She was hosted by Monica and Victor Knies.
c)  Simone Hoferer, our most recent arrival, is just beginning her work experience
     at Kimball Lodging.  She hopes to gain experience in our woodworking
     industry. Janet and Dave Kluemper have opened their home for her.

  •     The City of Jasper has formed the Jasper Partnership Commission.  The primary

      objective of this commission is to provide for a focal point of all of the various
      activities and communications with the people in our Sister City.  The experience
      of many people in Jasper has been very positive; and at a person-to-person level,
      our relationship with the people of Pfaffenweiler is very strong.  Visits now occur
      on a routine basis as residents from each community travel to visit with one
      another. Another goal of the JPC will be to elevate this relationship to the next
      level; i.e., to facilitate and strengthen our relationship at the community-to-
      community level.

  •    The Jasper Partnership Commission Member Vic Knies approached our local

     newspaper, The Herald, about providing copies of our daily
     newspaper to the people of Pfaffenweiler. The newspaper has agreed and is now s
     sending copies (on a weekly basis) of each issue of the paper to the Rathaus (City
     Hall) in Pfaffenweiler.  This action helps to keep the people of Pfaffenweiler
     apprised of daily events in the lives of Jasper's citizens.

  •    A local resident, Matthias Hilger (a native of Pfaffenweiler), has been writing a   

     articles of general interest and publishing these bi-weekly in The Herald.               
      These articles describe various news events, historical events or stories, or
      cultural differences and similarities between the two communities.  He also  
      receives articles from his father, Franz Hilger, which Matthias translates into
      English (our local German Teacher, Mary Jo Meuser, also helps Matthias behind
      the scene) which are also published in this bi-weekly article.