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Official Publication of the Jasper DeutscherVerein

March 2008
The Jasper Deutscher Verein was founded in January 1980 for the purpose of promoting interest in the community of our German heritage, history of the community, Bavarian architecture, etc. This is to be a purely social club.

The Jasper Deutscher Verein, Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc., and the Jasper Partnership Commission Welcomes to Jasper the 24th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Indiana German Heritage Society

There will be no regular meeting in March but Deutscher Verein members and the public are invited to attend the Indiana German Heritage Annual Dinner Meeting on Friday, March 14th, at the American Legion in Jasper.

A reception at the American Legion will begin at  6:00pm and dinner, program, and entertainment beginning at 6:30pm. Cost for the dinner, program, and entertainment will be $15 with a cash bar.  William Ziegele, President of the Indiana German Heritage Society, will welcome all present.  The program will be Janet Kluemper of the Dubois County Museum discussing displays of the Museum and Matthias Hilger and Stan Jochum discussing the Sister City Partnership with Pfaffenweiler, Germany. 

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by the Rhein Valley Brass Band of Evansville.

On Saturday, Matthias Hilger, President of the Jasper Partnership Commission and former resident of Pfaffenweiler, Germany, will introduce the presentations to be given at the Dubois County Museum and after lunch, there will be time to tour the Dubois County Museum.  Allow approximately 2 hours for a complete and meaningful tour of the Museum.  The Dubois County Museum is one of the best Museums in the state of Indiana.  Cost for coffee, juice, pastry, lunch, and program will be $15. 

Registration, with coffee, juice, and pastry, will begin at 8:30am.  At 9:00am, Matthias Hilger will welcome all present.

The presentations on Saturday will be:  Father John Schipp - German Immigration into Dubois and part of Spencer County.

Ron Flick - Registered Architect - German Architecture in Jasper and presentation using old Jasper postcards.

Father John Boeglin - German Catholics Immigration into Dubois County and their contributions and Celestine’s Sister City Partnership with Wagshurst, Germany. 

Kristen Ruhe - Executive Director - Dubois County Visitors Center and Tourism Commission - German influence on Dubois County

At noon, there will be lunch which will feature BBQ Chicken Strips, Ribbley Soup, and the trimmings.

At 1:30pm, there will be tour of the Dubois County Museum. 

Reservations for either Friday or Saturday can be made by calling Patti Goepfrich at 482-4821 by March 3. 


Matthias Hilger presenting Patrick Madden with information on Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc.

Matthias Hilger presenting Patrick Madden with
information on Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc.

Indiana Sister Cities, International Nineteenth Annual Meeting

On January 18th, 2008, Mayor William Schmitt, Vic Knies, Raymie Eckerle, Matthias Hilger, and Patti Goepfrich attended the 19th Annual Meeting of Indiana Sister Cities, International at the Athenaeum in Indianapolis.  Guest speaker was Patrick Madden, Executive Director of Sister Cities International.  Introductions were made and representatives of the various Sister Cities shared with the group their activities with their respective Sister Cities.  Mr. Madden shared with the group information on Sister Cities International and all the work that is done all over the world promoting partnerships and peace. 

Matthias Hilger presented Mr. Madden with a binder of information on the activities of Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. and also a lapel pin.

Jasper DeutscherVereinTaking Scholarship Applications

The Jasper Deutscher Verein is offering a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a German student of Dubois County.  If you have a child, grandchild or know of anyone who would like to submit an application, please inform them to contact their Guidance Counselor at their school.  Applications must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2008.  If any questions, please contact Linda Wehr at 482-4432

Oktoberfest in Crossville, TN

I want to let your group know about the 2008 Oktoberfest that will be held in Crossville, TN on October 10 and 11.   More information is available at www.crossvilleoktoberfest.com .

If you have any question just let me know.

Joe Guzek
Co-Chairman, Crossville Oktoberfest 2008

Membership Dues

It’s that time of year again!  Please submit your dues for 2008 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form at the back of the Newsletter. 

Single membership is $5.00 per year and a couple membership is $10 per year.  What a deal!!!  What an opportunity to experience our German heritage on a monthly basis.

News from Norb Krapf
The new CD, Imagine – Indiana in Music and Words by Norbert Krapf & Monika Herzig,   is now available in Indianapolis at The History Center Gift Shop, Luna Music, Indy CD & Vinyl and soon at Barnes & Noble and Borders stores; in Bloomington at Barnes & Noble, TIS Music Shop, Monroe County Historical Society Gift Shop, Waldron Arts Center Gift Shop, Wandering Turtle Arts Gallery, B-ton Visitors Center; in Jasper at the Gift Shop of the Dubois County Museum; and Online at www.CDBaby.com and soon at www.Amazon.com. You can also send an order request to mherzig@indiana.edu or to ACME Records, 3375 E Old Meyers Rd, Bloomington, IN 47408 - cost for up to three CDs is $15 each plus $2 shipping and handling, after that add $1 s&h per CD.
For a complete track listing, entire audio file of the first two tracks, and samples of the other tracks, visit www.acmemrecords and click on the CD image on that page.  Click on “Performance Content” for the audio file of Norbert’s version of “On the Road with the Hampton Sisters.” For the text and complete audio file of “One Long Love Song,” go to http://www.krapfpoetry.com/xmascard.htm.

German Attire Needed.....

The Strassenfest Queen Pageant committee is trying to compile a list of names for the pageant winners to call when they need to borrow clothes for Strassenfest weekend.  The clothing needed is for the queen and her runners up, Little Miss and Little Mister.  There is talk of a new level called Jr. Miss for next year so that would involve the Middle School ages. 

Your generosity in allowing your outfits to be borrowed would be greatly appreciated. It would make it so much easier for the committee and candidates to have a list of names and sizes instead of using the "jungle network" each year.  The committee is also asking that if anyone is finished with their outfits, they will take them as donations and they do have a place to store them. 
If you would like to help out the committee, please call Becky Hickman, 482 - 2540. 


I have put together a band to play German folk music; polkas, waltzes, schottisches, etc. We are available for appropriate events. Searching for a singer who can sing traditional songs in German and in English.

Ray Major
367-0847 or dmajor54@aol.com

Domink Klein

Domink Klein

Introducing Domink Klein of Pfaffenweiler, Germany.  Domink is 17 years old.  He attends Jasper High School and is a Junior.  Domink arrived in Jasper on September 12, 2007 and will be here until June 2, 2008.  He has attended Driving School and has earned his driver’s license!!!  He is on JHS Varsity Swim Team and enjoys hanging out with friends.  In Germany, he attends the Max Planck Realschule Bad Krozingen.  When asked about the difference between school in Germany and here in Jasper, he indicated that the school day is longer here, same schedule every day here in US; everyone has his/her own desk/ the schedule is made up by the school in Germany, one can’t select classes as is done here at JHS.  Domink is being hosted by Matthias and Kathy Hilger.



Address Changes for Newsletters

If a member has an address change, please notify Rita Egler at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN  47547-0015 or call her at 634-9068. 

Any help you can give in maintaining postage costs is greatly appreciated!!!!

Remember to mark your calendars for Strassenfest – July 31st to August 3rd

Roast Chicken Stew

Yield:  4 Servings


3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons chopped onions
2 tablespoons plain flour
500 ml Beef stock
50 ml dry port or red wine
2 thick lemon slices with peel
2 bay leaves
salt and fresh-ground pepper
dash or two of wine vinegar
1 ¼ roast chicken (just the meat, cut into bit-sized pieces)

The gravy can be cooked ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen; or made on the spot, if you feel energetic.  The chicken you can roast yourself (again, if you feel like it) or pick up from the nearest place which roasts chickens and wraps them up for passersby.  Serve with mashed potatoes, noodles, or dumplings.  Melt the butter in a heavy-bottomed non-reactive saucepan; add the chopped onions and cook until translucent.  Add the flour, and cook until the “roux” is golden brown.  Pour in the beef stock and port.  Add lemon slices, bay leaves, sale and pepper.  Allow the sauce to cook for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, then pour through a fine strainer, test for seasoning, and add vinegar and salt or pepper to taste.  Add the chicken pieces and heat over a low flame.

(taken from www.derdeutschemichel-online.de)

Potential New Club Members

If someone knows of a potential new club member and would like information about the Deutscher Verein forwarded, please contact Ruth Wibbels at 482-5403 or Rita Egler at 634-9068.

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Ein Prosit
Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Eins Zwei, Drei…G’suffa
A toast, A toast, To happy times, A toast, A toast, To happy times, One, two three… drink up

Erinnerst Du Dich?

The following is from the pamphlet, The Pfaffenweiler Emigration by Gerhard Auer.  This pamphlet was written in September, 1984 and the English version translated by Seiffert.

Emigration from Pfaffenweiler to Africa and America in the 19th Century
By Gerhard Auer


Emigration means to leave behind a familiar and well known environment and move into an alien one to settle down there.  Emigration means farewell and separation from relatives; the consequences are homesickness and the desire to return.  Emigration, however, also means to escape misery, hopelessness and the worries about food, clothing and accommodation. 

Emigration includes the chance for a new beginning, an escape from rustic constriction and the social system in order to be free and independent.  Nowadays we cannot recall feelings and imaginations of any emigrants from the last century when they decided to leave.  We must limit our exposition to facts and things.  Records are the witnesses of those days. Picture will enhance our imagination.

This exposition is based on records from Pfaffenweiler community and clerical archives, the General Administration Archives of Baden-Wuertembert in Karlsruhe, and the Service du Haut-Rhin in Colmar, France.  From these documents we have to dray the picture of those historical events.  Interconnections had to be made; relationships had to be established in order to understand history and process of the emigration.  Furthermore the appropriate documents and pictures had to be selected to compose the exposition.  From the very beginning it was obvious that this booklet would have to be written to enable interested people to take a more intensive look at the emigration than an exposition would.

This brochure consists of two parts.  The first part covers pre-history, emigration and – as much as accessible from archives – post-history of the emigration.  The second part offers the possibility to read through the most important documents. 

The brochure’s relatively short completion time of only two months necessitated the omission of many a thing and the vagueness of others.  Probably this caused a limitation to the essentials which benefits the visitor. 

Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club)
German Heritage Endowment

A donor-advised endowment to benefit generations in ensuring that our German heritage is preserved and enriched in Jasper and Dubois County.

Claude and Martina Eckert
Sister Cities Endowment

A designated endowment to provide support to Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. to support the Jasper/Pfaffenweiler relationship.

A gift to the Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club) German Heritage Endowment or to the Claude and Martina Eckert Sister Cities Endowment is a wonderful way to remember that special someone. A gift in honor of someone or in memory of someone may be given. The Dubois County Community Foundation will send a letter of acknowledgment to the individual being honored or to the family of someone being remembered. Send your gift along with the appropriate information to the Dubois County Community Foundation, P. O. Box 269, Jasper, IN 47547-0269. Envelopes are also available at the greeting table at each club meeting.


Enclosed is my gift of $___________.   Please direct my gift to the __________________________________ Endowment (Please specify appropriate Endowment).  

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Membership Dues

It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2008 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form. Thanks!

SEND TO: Jasper Deutscher Verein, ATTN: Rita Egler, P.O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47546


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