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March 2009

Matthias Hilger

Hofmarschall of the 2009 Strassenfest

The theme of the 31st Jasper Strassenfest is "Danke Schon," or "Thank You". Matthias Hilger has been chosen as a Grand Marshall of the 2009 Strassenfest. Out of the nominations received, the Strassenfest Committee chose Matthias as the Grand Marshall. Matthias has contributed in many ways to further the unique Sister City Partnership between Jasper and Pfaffenweiler. He is president of the Jasper Partnership Commission and is on the Board of Directors of the Jasper German Club and Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. He and his wife, Kathy, are the parents of Amanda and Alex. In 2005, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Sister City Partnership, his parents, Franz and Baerbel Hilger, of Pfaffenweiler, were the Grand Marshall's.

It is especially fitting to have Matthias as the 2009 Grand Marshall because there will be a delegation from Pfaffenweiler in Jasper for the Strassenfest. They will arrive in Jasper around 8:00pm on July 29th.

Those planning on visiting Jasper are Burgermeister Dieter Hahn, Franz and Baerbel Hilger, Eddie Weeger, Heinrich and Gisela Huppe, Bernd and Ingeborg Gehler, Amalie Schmid, Ingeborg Kiefer, Doris and Janez Sori, Cornelia Muller-Hauss, Markus Bosch, Michael Eckert, Angelika Schnekel, and Emil Ehrath.

Congratulations to Matthias and a huge Dubois County welcome to our guests.


February Meeting

The Jasper Deutscher Verein met February 19 at the VFW where 73 members were present.

President Al Bennett welcomed everyone attending. He thanked the welcoming committee consisting of Rita Egler, Judy Gress, Sharon Dilger, Judy Bennett Margie Jeffries and Barb Schmitt. He also thanked the people that pitched in and took care of the food table.

After everyone enjoyed the delicious snacks and desserts brought in by club members, a brief meeting was held.

Dan Gutgsell gave his annual report as President of Sister cities. He said 10% membership dues of the German Club Membership goes to Sister Cities of Jasper, as the sole operating fund for them for raising money for the JHS exchange program.

Sister Cities Board met Jan 21, 2009 and nominated the slate of officers. They are Dan Gutgsell, President, Dan Wehr, Vice President, Patti Goepfrich, Secretary, and Dave Kieffner, Treasurer. The slate was accepted unanimously by club members present.

Dan Gutgsell then presented the slate of nominees for next years Sister Cities of Jasper Board of Directors. They are Bob Dilger, Nancy Eckerle, Jim Gutgsell, Alan Hanselman, Matt Hilger, and Stan Jochum. These nominees also received unanimous approval of the club members present.

Dan stated the main purpose of Sister Cities is to raise funds for the Jasper High School Student Exchange Program to send Jasper German language students to Germany every 2 years. We also seek to maintain and increase our special relationship with our sister city of Pfaffenweiler.

Sister Cities received a $700 grant from the Dubois County Community Foundation through which 6 students from Jasper traveled to Pfaffenweiler in 2008.

Annika Marschall from Pfaffenweiler arrived on July 21 to study 2 semesters at JHS. She is staying with Jim and Louise Gutgsell and is a member of the JHS Marching Band and the Swim Team. Sebastian Loeffler from Staufen arrived on August 6 to study 2 semesters at JHS. He stayed with Rosalie Ruell. He was the top goal scorer for JHS Boy's Soccer Team and he is only 15 years old. Patricia Keller and Thomas from Pfaffenweiler came for a couple of weeks during Strassenfest and stayed with Dave and Janet Kluemper. In September exchange students from Staufen visited JHS for 3 weeks.

Rita Egler gave a financial report and asked everyone to please pay their yearly dues.

President Bennett announced 5 new member couples. They are: Morris and Karen Pund, Greg and Wendy Jeffries, Brian and Nicole Schnell, Jeremy and Natalie Combs, and Bob and Barb Bleemel.

Bob Bleemel, account executive for DCBroadcasting, presented the program for the evening. His power point presentation featured his September flatboat trip from Rockport to New Orleans. Sponsored as a joint effort by the Spencer County Chamber of Commerce and the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, the "Journey of Remembrance" was in celebration of Lincoln's 200th birthday.

Attendance prizes were won by Janice Sunderman and Sharon Dilger. The evening's "Special Prizes" went to Jeff Lechner and Teddy Bartley.

The next meeting will be held on March 19. Social hour will be at 6:00p.m. At the VFW. We will have chili and hot dogs. Members A-L should bring appetizers and M-Z desserts.

Birnie Jeffries and the Recycled Teenagers will be performing and we will be having a Sock Hop themed evening. We will have dancing contests, hoola hoop contests, costume contests and LOADS of fun. So everyone get out your poodle skirts, bobby socks, saddle shoes, and leather jackets and practice your dance steps, and hoola hoop skills.

Submitted by Barb Schmitt, Secretary

Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars

March Deutscher Verein Meeting

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Place: VFW in Jasper

Time: 6:00PM Social Hour

6:30PM Appetizers and Dessert provided by the members. Members with last names beginning with A - L are asked to bring an appetizer. Those members with last names M - Z are asked to bring a dessert. The club with provide hot dogs, chili, chips and drinks.

7:00pm Club Meeting

7:30pm Program Great news! - our program and entertainment for the evening will be the "Recycled Teenagers". Under the direction of our vice-president, Birnie Jeffries, the Teenagers also include wife, Margie; friends, Patty Fleck, John Kempf, Barbara Klem, Andrea Wagner, Doris Hopf-Klem and Sally Klem. This busy group is constantly expanding their music and fan base.

We want to make this night a true retro "Sock Hop". Everyone is encouraged to dress as they did in the 50's/60's - letter sweaters, "butch wax", Poodle Skirts and Bobby Socks! Prizes will be awarded for "Best Dressed Couple", "Hoola Hoop Contest", "Twist" and "Jitter Bug Dance Contests". We may even have a visit from Elvis! You do not want to miss this meeting!

April Deutscher Verein Meeting

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009

Place: Jasper VFW

Time: 6:00pm, social hour

6:30pm Appetizers and Dessert provided by the members. Members with last names beginning with M - Z are asked to bring an appetizer. Those members with last names A - L are asked to bring a dessert. The club with provide chips and drinks.

7:00pm Club Meeting

7:30pm Program - Our program for April's meeting is yet to be determined. We are hoping to provide a very interesting German program. Since there will be no newsletter in April, please look for notices in the Herald and on the radio.

Guests are always welcome!

We will be taking sign ups for the Food Booth and Pastry Stand during the Strassenfest. Your help is appreciated.

May Deutscher Verein Meeting

May 21, 2009

This will be the last meeting prior to the Strassenfest. We will be taking sign ups for the Food Booth and Pastry Stand during the Strassenfest. Your help is appreciated.

Strassenfest - July 30th - August 2nd

Family Picnic at the Jasper Outdoor Recreation Club - Saturday, September 19th

German Heritage Dinner at the Schnitzelbank - Tuesday, October 6th

There will be NO newsletter in April.

Announcements concerning the April meeting will be in The Herald and on the radio!!!

Looking for Host Families

We are looking for at least two host families for two 17 year old girls from the Staufen Gymnasium for the school year 2009/10. Anyone who wants to be a host family or knows someone who might be interested, please call Matthias Hilger at 661-0624. We might have another girl and boy as well.

Jutta Eisenring

Jasper's first student in the Sister Cities' exchange program to attend her senior year at JHS, was back in Jasper for a week in January. Jutta Eisenring and her nine month old son, Luca, were the guests of Martina Eckert.

Jutta is a graduate of the Class of 1987 and lives in Staufen. During her school year, Claude Eckert taught her to drive so she could obtain her Indiana license, and when she returned to Germany, the fee to get her license was reduced. She attended her 10 year class reunion in 1997.

While in the US, Jutta visited friends in Indianapolis, Louisville, and Florida.

Sister Cities of Jasper 2008

Annual Activity Report


Jasper Partnership Commission Meeting lead by Mayor Bill Schmitt took place 1/18/08

Sister Cities of Jasper Board Meeting 1/24 @ Schnitzelbank;

JPC went to Sister Cities of Indiana Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Raymie Eckerle, Mayor Bill Schmidt, Vic Knies, Pattie Goepfrich and Matthias Hilger;

City Hall sent official written invitation to Pfaffenweiler to join Jasper for the 30th anniversary of the Jasper Strassenfest in August;


Tom Kiefer visited Pfaffenweiler relatives 6/25-7/1 on a whirlwind trip through Germany


Annika Marschall arriving from Pfaffenweiler for two semesters @ JHS; arrived 7/21; staying with Jim & Louse Gutgsell; Joined in Jasper High School Marching band and currently on the JHS Swimming Team. She was scheduled to stay only one semester, but extended to both;

Patricia Keller and boyfriend Thomas Lehmann arriving 7/25 for Strassenfest week; staying with Dave & Janet Kluemper; departing 8/4;


Sebastian Loeffler from Faust Gymnasium Staufen arriving in Jasper for two semesters @ JHS; arriving 8/6; staying with Rosalie Ruell. Top goal scorer for JHS Boys Soccer Team. Made Varsity Team only being 15 years old.


Exchange Students from Staufen visit JHS for 3 weeks before heading back through New York City 8/31 - 9/19;


Large interest by Staufen students to experience one year of JHS here in Jasper. Four preliminary applications for school year 09/10.

Jasper Deutscher Verein

Taking Scholarship Applications

The Jasper Deutscher Verein is offering a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a German student of Dubois County.  If you have a child, grandchild or know of anyone who would like to submit an application, please inform them to contact their Guidance Counselor at their school.  Applications must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2009.  If any questions, please contact Linda Wehr at 482-4432.

At their January Board of Directors' Meeting in 2008, the following adopted the following qualifications for the Dubois County Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00.

 1. Completion of the common scholarship application available from the School's Guidance Office.

2.    Successful completion of two years of high school German.

3. Two years of active participation in German Club or German Civic affairs in other schools.

4. Verification of enrollment in a German course at the college of their choice, or participation in an accredited German study abroad program such as the IU Honors Program.

5. Submission of a one page or less essay stating your personal qualifications and intentions.

6.                   6.     GPA consideration.

7.     Participation in an exchange program or hosting an exchange student.

8.     Submission of two letters of recommendation from adults other than school personnel regarding personal character, etc.

9.     The scholarship will be awarded upon verification of enrollment in German at college or acceptance into another German study abroad program such as the IU Honors Program. A $500.00 scholarship will be given for the first semester and will be renewable for the second semester.

10.  Parental membership in the Jasper Deutscher Verein will be considered.

11.  Submission of all completed forms by April 1st, to:

President of Jasper Deutscher Verein, P.O. Box 15,

Jasper, Indiana 47547-0015

Rev. 1/2008

Address Changes for Newsletters - Also for "Snowbirds" With Temporary Address Change

If a member has an address change, even a temporary change, please notify Rita Egler at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47547-0015 or call her at 634-9068. Let her know the dates of the temporary change and she will work with you so that you don't miss any issues of our newsletter.

Any help you can give in maintaining postage costs is appreciated!!!! The Post Office's goal is to handle mail one time. The German Club Newsletter is a bulk mail item and will not be forwarded by the Post Office to your winter address. The German Club is charged return postage when a newsletter is returned.

The expiration date of your dues is listed on the mailing label. Please note this date.

Address Changes for Newsletters

If a member has an address change, please notify Rita Egler at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47547-0015 or call her at 634-9068.

Any help you can give in maintaining postage costs is greatly appreciated!!!!

Potential New Club Members

If someone knows of a potential new club member and would like information about the Deutscher Verein forwarded, please contact Rita Egler at 634-9068.

Membership Dues

It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2009 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form at the back of the Newsletter or by attending the March meeting. Rita Egler, Treasurer, will be accepting dues at those meetings.

We would like to wrap up our collection of 2009 dues by March 31, 2009.

Single membership is $5.00 per year and a couple membership is $10 per year. What a deal!!! What an opportunity to experience our German heritage on a monthly basis.

Renew your membership now OR give a membership for a family member or someone new to the area. What a welcoming gift!!!!

Jasper Coasters

The set of four wood coasters depicting the Jasper City Hall, Jasper Eckert Mill, St. Joseph Church, and the Jasper Train Depot are for sale at the Jasper Chamber of Commerce, Dubois County Museum, and City Hall. The cost is $20 for the set. These would make excellent gifts to host families of students or adults going to Germany. All proceeds benefit the JHS Student Exchange Program.

Please note that there will not be a newsletter

in April. Any information for the April

meeting will be published in The Herald and announcements made on the radio!!

Thanks for your understanding!!!

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Ein Prosit

Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Eins Zwei, Drei.G'suffa

A toast, A toast, To happy times, A toast, A toast, To happy times, One, two three. drink up


Membership Dues

It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2009 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form. Thanks!

SEND TO: Jasper Deutscher Verein, ATTN: Rita Egler, P.O. Box 15,

Jasper, IN 47547-0015


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Single Membership ($5.00) or Couple Membership ($10.00)

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