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  • Jasper German Club Float
    Deutscher Verein Strassenfest Float
    Annual Board of Directors Meeting held Thursday March 30, 2004.
  • Sister Cities' Danny Wehr and Matthias Hilger gave a presentation to the Jasper Breakfast Optimist Club April 8th about the purpose and history of Sister Cities of Jasper and the relationship with Pfaffenweiler at the Denny's Restaurant.
  • An official invitation was sent to Pfaffenweiler in April by Jasper's City Hall to join Jasper, the Strassenfest Committee and ROJAC in 2005 for the opening of the re-built Eckert Mill during the 20th Anniversary celebrations of our Partnership.
  • Autumn (Kelley) Ryan and her husband, John, visited Pfaffenweiler in June. Autumn is originally from Jasper and now resides in Louisiana. She is the daughter of the late Dr. J.O. and Mary Lou (Hoffmann) Kelley.
  • Simone Hoferer returned to Jasper in June for four weeks. She stayed with Dave and Janet Kluemper. Simone worked in Jasper from the fall of 1997 until the summer of 1998 at Jasper Furniture.
  • Julie Newton, our new German Teacher at the JHS, visited Staufen, Pfaffenweiler, and Poessneck this summer in preparation for her first exchange visit next year. Stan Jochum joined her on part of the trip in late July.
  • Andreas and Martina Waldkirch and their son Florian visited Jasper again during the Strassenfest. They stayed with the Ruxers in St. Meinrad.
  • Planning began in October, 2004 for the 20th anniversary visit by Pfaffenweiler in the year 2005. A time table and program outline has been set. We will use the German Club Newsletter and the Herald for communication tools to all of you.
  • Students from the Staufen Faust Gymnasium have made their visit to Jasper this past fall as part of the Student Exchange Program.  12 students stayed in Jasper for four weeks.
  • Plans have been formalized by the Choir of St. Joseph Church for a tour in Europe for June 18th - 27th, 2005. Much of the tour will be centered on Pfaffenweiler, exploring Germany, neighboring Switzerland, Eastern France and Austria. So far, 30+ people have signed up for it.
  • Regine Haderer from Pfaffenweiler visited the International School in Indianapolis for a half year. She was hosted by Gene and Mary Jo Temple.  She visited Jasper during her stay in Indianapolis. 
  • The Herald continues to send the combined weekly editions to Pfaffenweiler. This has been going on for approximately 8 years now.
  • Pfaffenweiler's e-mail version of the Gemeindeblatt (weekly newspaper) continues to be successfully sent to Jasper and friends around the world every week.
  • The "Pfaffenweiler Column" contributed bi-weekly by Franz and Matthias Hilger continues to have a huge following in The Herald. This is the 8th year.
  • Once a week, The Herald sends a selection of 3-4 articles directly pertaining to Jasper per E-Mail to a large list of readers in Europe, mainly in Pfaffenweiler.
  • The annual fundraiser letter writing campaign for the Student Exchange Program by Sister Cities of Jasper was initiated in November and is on target to be successful again. Included in the fundraising is a grant from the Dubois County Community Foundation for $500.