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  • Pfaffenweiler brings a replica of one of the oldest troughs of Pfaffenweiler to the town of Jasper. Pfaffenweiler ueberbringt eine Nachahmung einer der aeltesten Brunnens von Pfaffenweiler in Jasper.
    Twenty-three students from Am Weissen Turm Gymnasium in Poessneck, Germany visited Jasper during the month of April to participate in the student exchange program with Jasper High School.   This was the fourth exchange group to visit Jasper from Am Weissen Turm Gymnasium and strengthened the student exchange relationship with the people in Poessneck, Germany.
  • A group of eighteen JHS students participated in a student exchange to the Staufen Gymnasium for three weeks in June.   Tara Deppert, new German teacher at JHS replacing Mary Jo Meuser, and her husband Rob, chaperoned the Jasper students during their student exchange in 2001.   The JHS group also spent nine days at am Weissen Turm Gymnasium in Poessneck, Germany before returning home.  
  • Work was completed in July on the Calendar project at Jasper High School.   The focus was on providing a learning opportunity for JHS Economics students while depicting various scenes from both Jasper and Pfaffenweiler in the calendar.   These scenes are described in both English and German and allowed various German students the opportunity to experience the challenge of translating English to German.   The July completion also allowed calendar sales during the 2002 Strassenfest and through the Christmas season.   Several hundred calendars were also provided to Pfaffenweiler for sale in their community.   Calendars were sold at a price of $8 per calendar.
  • The community was saddened by the death of Claude Eckert, first President of Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc.   He was an untiring promoter of the local German heritage and was a founding member of the Jasper Deutscher Verein and Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc.   He will be sadly missed by his family, friends, and all people concerned with preserving the local German heritage.
  • Patricia Keller began her work exchange program at German American Bank in September.   She is the daughter of Albert Keller, Pfaffenweiler councilman, and is hosted by Dave and Janet Kluemper during her stay in Jasper.
  • A delegation from Jasper visited Pfaffenweiler in September, 2001 in conjunction with the   Schneckenfest celebration.   The group of 24 people, organized by Danny Wehr, traveled to other areas in Europe also as part of their itinerary.  

    Other local people to visit Pfaffenweiler during 2001 included Gib Verkamp and family, Lowell Glendening and children, Jack Schneider and wife, Tom & Debbie Nordhoff, Bob Steffe, Tom Kiefer, Matt Hilger and family, and Jim Gutgsell.
  • The City of Jasper has completed construction of a meeting room area in the basement of the City Hall building.   This room has been officially named the Pfaffenweiler Room and is now also being used to display various artifacts gathered during our Sister Cities relationship.   The Jasper Partnership Commission (JPC), a group serving at the appointment of the Mayor to advise on matters pertaining to Jasper's Sister City, has now begun to hold its meetings in this location.