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Sister Cities of Jasper 2003

Picture overlooking Jasper, Indiana
  • Annual Membership Meeting took place in March after a Board Meeting on 3/12/03. All Board Members were re-elected.
  • Patricia Keller from Pfaffenweiler arrived in Jasper 2/27/03 again; departing 3/16.   Before leaving to the USA she told her parents in Pfaffenweiler that she had to go back "HOME" to visit old friends and acquaintances.
  • The internship job search for Mona Schmadl was successful for her internship in the spring for ten weeks.   Radio Station WITZ sponsored her part-time, arriving April 9, 2003 thru June.   Hosted by Bob and Sharon Dilger; she worked in the news department, read the complete news on the AM station every day, was involved in multiple advertising clips.
  • In the spring, the Exchange students from the former East German school in Poesneck came for their visit to Jasper for two weeks. A great success, with various people helping to organize activities for the students as well as for the teachers.
  • 19 Jasper Exchange students visited Staufen/Poessneck Germany at the end of May. Again the cost for each student after all fundraisers were calculated in was less than $550 per student.
  • Regine Haderer, 9th grade student from Pfaffenweiler, participated in a 3 week Agricultural internship. She worked on the Larry and Patricia Hopf farm for three weeks, after arriving in Indianapolis on June 28 th . She was hosted by Joe and Irene Eckerle in Jasper and Gene and Mary Jo Temple in Indianapolis.
  • Gene and Mary Jo Temple from Indianapolis visited Pfaffenweiler on a Germany trip in September, along with her sister and brother-in-law Sharon and Sandy Sendelweck .
  • Fr. John Boeglin celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Priesthood in Wagshurst on November 9.   The celebrations were attended by the Alpine Horn Blowers from Pfaffenweiler and multiple people of the community joined them lead by Buergermeister Fritz Gutgsell.
  • The Jasper Herald continues to send the combined weekly editions to Pfaffenweiler. This has been going on now for approx. 8 years.
  • Pfaffenweiler's e-mail version of the Gemeindeblatt (weekly newspaper) continues to be successfully sent to Jasper and friends around the world every week.
  • The 'Pfaffenweiler Column' contributed bi-weekly by Franz and Matt Hilger continues to have a huge following in the Jasper Herald. This is the 7 th year.
  • Once a week, the Dubois County Herald sends a selection of 3-4 articles directly pertaining to Jasper via E-Mail to a large list of readers mainly in Pfaffenweiler.