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Official Publication of the Jasper DeutscherVerein

May 2003

April Meeting in Review

Jasper Deutscher Verein Learned of Office Furniture Industry and GERMAN TV

Glen Sturm, president of Inwood Office Furniture presented information on the changes in the office furniture industry to members and guests of the Jasper Deutscher Verein on Thursday, April 24th. The meeting was held at the VFW Home in Jasper. Over 60 members and guests attended.

Prior to the beginning of the evening’s activities, Lowell Glendening met with club members who are interested in expanding their German language skills. This group will meet prior to each club meeting to review conversational German language.

Dan Gutgsell, President, welcomed all in attendance.

President Gutgsell introduced Dan Wehr. Mr. Wehr announced that he is working with Jackie’s Travel on a Deutscher Verein trip to the Chicago – Moline area departing Jasper on September 3rd and returning on September 7th. Activities include two baseball games of the Chicago Cubs vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, a meal at a German Restaurant, a visit to the Sears Tower to view the Chicago lights at night, guided motor coach tour of Chicago, and a visit to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Woodfield Shopping Complex.

Also included on the trip will be a visit to the German American Heritage Center in Moline, IL and John Deere Headquarters.

Price is $695.00 per person based upon 2 per room. Reservations are accepted with a $75.00 deposit per person and are due by May 6th. The balance is due July 3rd.

As of May 7th, the $75 deposit is not refundable. As of July 4th, a refund minus the initial nonrefundable deposit, cost of lodging and admissions will be given if cancellation is received by July 31st. No refunds after August 1st.

Mr. Wehr also announced that sign up sheets for work shifts at the Strassenfest will be available at this meeting and also the May meeting. All members are encouraged to work one or more shifts during the Strassenfest as this is the only fund raising project of the Deutscher Verein. Members may also call Dan and Linda Wehr at 482-4432 and let them know which shift they can work. Dan and Linda thanked all who have already volunteered to work during the Strassenfest.

The Jasper Deutscher Verein will award a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating student from Dubois County who has taken three years of German in high school. Applications were due April 1st and are being reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

President Gutgsell then introduced Michael Delany, regional representative of GERMAN TV. At present, this is a satellite-based system. By subscribing to GERMAN TV, you are able to view entertainment, news, and sports from Germany.

At present, there are negotiations taking place with cable companies to hopefully get this system on local cable systems. Additional information can be obtained by calling Mr. Delany at 815-519-8809 or emailing him at mike.delany@germantv.net. Additional information can be viewed at www.german.tv.

Mr. Gutgsell then introduced Bob Dilger, vice president of the Deutscher Verein, and thanked him for arranging the program for the meeting. Mr. Dilger announced that the May meeting will be on May 15th. Members may bring their covered dishes and desserts to the Ireland K of C at 6:15PM. The meeting and program will be in the Ireland Historical Society Building at 6:30PM. Tom Kellams of the Ireland Historical Society will give the program. Members are also encouraged to view the items of interest on display in the building. There will also be a business meeting as this will be the last regular club meeting prior to the Strassenfest.

At 7:15, club members will go next door to the Ireland K of C for brats and refreshments that will be provided by the club. Members with last names A – L should bring a covered dish. Members with last names M – Z should bring a dessert.

Mr. Dilger then introduced Glen Sturm, president of Inwood Office Furniture. Mr. Sturm stated that the company began in 1948 under the name Jasper Table Company. The company’s products were residential tables with subsequent expansion into office and school furniture.

The 1960’s brought a demand for office furniture and Jasper Table Company began to manufacture office furniture. In 1982, the name was changed to Inwood Office Furniture.

Glen Sturm, President of Inwood Office Furniture, shares information about the company and industry.

The finish process has changed greatly throughout the years. There are many EPA regulations to benefit the employees and environment.

The company prides itself on options, a quality product, and short manufacturing lead times. Their size company allows them to react quickly to customer needs and requests. At present, they employ 165 people.

Mr. Sturm then answered questions from club members.

Mr. Dilger then introduced Mona Schmadl from Pfaffenweiler who is in Jasper on a work internship and is staying with Bob and Sharon Dilger during this time.

President Gutgsell then introduced Tara Deppert, German language teacher at Jasper High School. Ms. Deppert brought along some of her students and they instructed the club members on how to play "Muhle". Students attending were Eric Bailey, Amanda Nordhoff, Shawn Kern, Andy Eckerle, Corie Eckerle, Shawn Seger, Ashley Ferguson and Ryan Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sunderman were recognized on their 49th wedding anniversary.

Attendance prizes were won by Don Scherle and Martina Eckert. Betty Hanselman won the ½ pot attendance prize.

The remainder of the evening was spent socializing.

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars!

May Meeting



Thursday, May 15


Time: 6:15 Gathering – Ireland Historical Society
  6:30 Program / brief business meeting


Meal – K of C


Place: Ireland Historical Society (former Methodist Church) and the adjacent Ireland K of C

 Tom Kellams of the Ireland Historical Society will present a program on the background of the Ireland Historical Society and their building. He will also share some of the special items that they have on display in their basement. After the presentation, members will be invited to spend some time before dinner browsing through the collection.

For dinner, the club will provide grilled bratwurst, soft drinks and beer. Members with last names beginning A-L are asked to bring a covered dish and those with last names beginning M-Z are asked to bring a dessert. Please drop off your items at the K of C before going to the Historical Society.

This will be our last meeting before Strassenfest in August. Please make an effort to attend!

Other Events of Interest

Germania Society of Greater Cincinnati

The Germania Society of Greater Cincinnati has extended an invitation to the Deutscher Verein to attend their Oktoberfest in Cincinnati on August 22, 23, and 24th.

Vic Haul is President of the Germania Society and their website address is www.germaniasociety.com.

Their Christkindlmarkt is November 21, 22, and 23.

If you are in the Cincinnati area, you are welcome to attend any of their events. See Patti Goepfrich for their complete 2003 Entertainment Schedule.

New Book of Interest

Klaus Dehne, _Deutsche Einwanderer im la"ndlichen Su"d-Indiana (USA): Eine historisch-geographische Analyse_ [German Immigrants in Rural Southern Indiana: A Historical-Geographical Analysis]. Passauer
Schriften zur Geographie, no.18. Passau, Germany: Department of Geography, University of Passau, 2003. ISBN 3-9807866-1-7.

Publisher's address: Selbstverlag des Faches Geographie der University of  Passau, Innstrasse 40, 94032 Passau, Germany. erwin.vogl@uni-passau.de
Price: 19.90 Euros (about $22).

In short, this is an innovative study of rural German-American settlements in southern Indiana, basically a work of historical geography.  Dr. Dehne utilizes the Manuscript Census and the Agricultural Census Schedules to compare Hoosier German settlements in  Knox County's Widner Township and Dubois County's Ferdinand Township. He traces the origins of the German settlement in Knox County's Freelandville area back to settlers form the tiny principality of Lippe in northwestern Germany and analyses this group and its agricultural practices.  Dehne does similar work for the more heterogeneous German-American population of Dubois County's Ferdinand Township and also compares these groups to American farmers.

Dr. Dehne, a specialist in population geography, did research at the Geography-Map Library during several summers. He also utilized collections at IU's Government Publications Department, at the Indiana
Historical Society and IUPUI's Max Kade German-American Center. This is his dissertation revised for publication. 

JHS German Exchange

Thank you for helping again with our 2nd group of German Exchange students. Marie Hendry has been an irreplacable help. She arranged homestays and schedules for the German teachers from Pössneck, which greatly helped me keep up with my family and teaching responsibilities.

Another heartfelt thank you needs to go out to Martina Eckert and Bob Fleck, who hosted the teachers for me. I hope that you enjoyed having your guest. I know that they enjoyed staying with you.

Finally, Lowell Glendening, Bob Steffe, Joe and Irene Eckerle, and Jan and David Kramer hosted the teachers for an evening in their homes or by introducing them to the local area.

Thank all of you for making the teachers feel welcome and being excellent American Amabassadors. The German teachers and students needed to have a good experience in America. They will be asked many times, how things went in America and you gave them plenty of positive things to talk about.

The students from Pößneck were a wonderful group of students and they all had very positive things to say about their daily activities and their homestays.

Our group of JHS students is busy wrapping up their school year and preparing to go to Germany. They will be leaving May 28th, just 5 short days after the last day of school. I am proud of all students, who are going. I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime and I would like to recognize the sacrifices that you are making to go. The students will not be back until June 30th and many have had to give up summer jobs, athletic and academic opportunities to participate. I hope that you will have an excellent trip and I will be here to see you off on May 28th!!

The chaperones will be Michael Kluemper [the Art and Japanese teacher at JHS] and David and Jan Kramer [the parents of Alison Kramer, a GAPP exchange participant].

JHS German Club Announcements

Amanda Nordhoff, the JHS German Club President will be given an award on May 1st for OUTSTANDING FOREIGN LANGAUGE STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Amanda has attended every JHS German Club meeting since her freshman year, hosted 4 German Exchange Students, participated in GAPP, worked the Strassenfest Booth for the Deutscher Verein every year, gone to Staatskongress in Muncie, IN every year and participated in the Evansville USI Quizbowl the last two years. She plans to continue studying German after she graduates and I want to wish her the best of luck.

Amanda Haskins will be given the German 4 student of the year certificate. Amanda has participated in most meetings, Staatskongress, the GAPP Exchange and the USI Evansville Quizbowl. Amanda works part time at Bob Evans and always finds time to help me in and out of the classroom. I couldn't have done it without her the last 4 years! Amanda also plans to study German at the University level. I also wish her the best of luck!

Other outstanding German students will be Level 1 Nathan Humbert, who is also President of the Statewide Indiana Association for Students of German, Level 2 Lauren Berger, and Level 3 Brooke Bower.

German Club hosted a picnic for the German Exchange Students this past month and attended the Staatskongress Officer Meeting on April 27th at Hamilton Southeastern in Muncie, Indiana.

We also attended a DV meeting and taught members to play a German tavern game called Mühle. The student shad a good time and it was a great opportunity for adult German Club members and High School club members to come together. I hope that there will be more opportunities in the future.

Deutscher Verein Members shouldn't be shy about helping the "new" German teacher next year. What I mean by "help" is that you offer to do things for that teacher. For example… offer to organize a hamburger sale for the Exchange or volunteer to interview students for the 2005 Exchange. My replacement will need a lot of support and I know that this community is willing to help. You have been a great help to me and I know that you will be for them.

Thanks for a great year!

Tara Deppert

Erinnerst Du Dich?
By Patti Goepfrich

1847 Deliverance Cross

"In 1847, eleven families left Pfaffenweiler, Germany for the U.S. These families were as follows: Baumann, Eckerle, Eckert, Kiefer, Schuble, Stenftenagel, Beck, Erb, Kraft, Kraus, and Schmidt. The voyage was a perilous one, and during the first week of its progress, the weather was so hazardous that it seemed as though the ship would go down with its crew and passengers. They prayed. At the height of a storm, Mr. George Baumann made a vow to erect a cross near the church in their new homeland."

This huge sandstone cross is located on the south side of St. Joseph’s Church yard.

In commemoration of our Ancestors
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Stenftenagel

(Found in DeutscherVerein Records)

25th Strassenfest Sign Up

It’s that time of year again! We’re already gearing up for our 25th Annual Strassenfest. Dan and Linda Wehr have again agreed to chair our food booth and pastry stand (THANK YOU!!!) Remember that this is our only fundraiser during the year, so we need the support of our large membership.

Sign up for working in the booths will take place at the April and May German Club meetings. Please sign up for the shift of your preference.


Outdoor German
Home Decorating/Lighting Contest

Sponsored by Jasper Deutscher Verein and Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc.
Coordinator: Patti Goepfrich

The contest is open to all residents of Jasper and those living within two miles of the city limits.

The categories for the contest are: Most Traditional German Theme, Best Use of Lights Displaying a German Theme, and Most Original German Theme.

Prizes will be awarded to the top two winners in each category. A category/placing sign will be placed in each winner’s yard.

This is a wonderful way to promote our German Heritage and a great way to help decorate the City of Jasper for the Strassenfest.

Judging will take place prior to the opening of the Strassenfest and winners will be announced during the Strassenfest activities.


Michael Delany, regional representative of GERMAN TV, gave a very interesting and informative presentation to the Deutscher Verein on this satellite-based system. By subscribing to GERMAN TV, you may get entertainment, news, and sports from Germany. At present, there are negotiations taking place with cable companies to hopefully get this system on local cable systems. Additional information can be obtained by calling Mr. Delany at 815-519-8809 or emailing him at mike.delany@germantv.net. Additional information can be viewed at www.german.tv. His mailing address is P.O. Box 8894, Rockford, IL 61126.

German Heritage Endowment Fund

In memory of Edwin Klem
    Joe and Irene C. Ekerle


Darren and Ann Patterson

In honor of Sally Lechner
    Tom and Patti Goepfrich

The Cincinnati Hofbrauhaus is open:


If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact Matthias Hilger or Patti Goepfrich.

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