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Sister Cities of Jasper

Sundial (Sonnenuhr) in Pfaffenweiler
  • Tim Flick, owner of Jasper's Mill House, visited Pfaffenweiler early February.
  • Brochures from Dubois County Tourism office were presented to Pfaffenweiler by Matt Hilger & Jim Gutgsell's visit, to be used in Pfaffenweiler Tourism Show in late February.
  • Patricia Keller finishes her internship at the end of March with GAB.   Her parents, Sonja and Albert Keller pick her up for auto tour to New Orleans and Florida .
  • Patti Goepfrich and her parents, Joe and Irene Eckerle, along with a friend visit Pfaffenweiler for three weeks in May.
  • Fritz Gutgsell, Buergermeister of Pfaffenweiler attended the German SCI meeting in Frankfurt, Germany in June.
  • Fr. John Boeglin visits Pfaffenweiler for Schneckenfest . Also at the festival is Lynn Hochgesang (daughter of Mike and Pat Hochgesang ). Lynn is being proposed to by her boy friend in Pfaffenweiler and a wedding follows in the summer of 2003
  • Exchange student group from Staufen Gymnasium visit Jasper in October.   Visit went very well with many activities superbly coordinated by Tara Deppert with the assistance of Marie Hendry.   A highlight of the visit here for the German and Jasper teachers was an invitation to dinner from Jasper Mayor William J. Schmitt.   This dinner was attended by Dr. Larry Riggs, Superintendent, Gerald Roberts, principal, Dan Scherry, Assistant Principal, Tara Deppert , Jasper, Mrs. Siegrid Duelfer and Michael Kirchgaessner from Staufen Gymnasium along with Michael's host Bob Fleck.   Matt Hilger represented Jasper Partnership Commission and Jim Gutgsell represented Jasper Sister Cities for this occasion.   A meaningful discussion ensued of current events, German background as relating to their partnership and the exchange program.
  • Jim Gutgsell visits Pfaffenweiler in October.   In discussion at his home, Fritz Gutgsell asks if Jasper would consider a change in the Pfaffenweiler groups visit to Jasper for 20 th Anniversary in 2005.   Various discussions are underway.
  • During Rainer Hilger's visit to his brother Matt's family in October, the idea of more timely reporting of current events via e-mail was discussed.   The result of this is implemented by The Dubois County Herald via the efforts of Ms. Martha Rasche in the form of selected articles that are being e-mailed weekly.