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Official Publication of the Jasper DeutscherVerein

February 2008
The Jasper Deutscher Verein was founded in January 1980 for the purpose of promoting interest in the community of our German heritage, history of the community, Bavarian architecture, etc. This is to be a purely social club.


Year End Greetings from Buergermeister of Pfaffenweiler

Greetings to the citizens, friends in Jasper.

Had to believe, but we are facing another year’s end.

Christmas and New Year’s Day are a good time to review the past year.  In 2007 we concentrated on making plans and concepts.

In joint action of the city council, clubs and organizations, younger people and citizens, we worked had on future strategies.  We did not make these in haste.

Nevertheless, we made important decisions:  building rooms for younger people, conversion (of a part of kindergarten) to a day nursery and developing ideas for a sports campus.

The development of country road 125 is very important for our village.  The second part of the work on it just started, so we have enough time to think about designing and featuring the two roundabouts and the bride for pedestrians.

The economic situation of our community is satisfactory, but no reason to become euphoric.

Our 30th Schneckenfest was a special experience and expression of the sensational unit and spirit of our community; the citizens, clubs and organizations.

In the name of all citizens of Pfaffenweiler, I wish a merry and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

---Dieter Hahn, Buegermeister of Pfaffenweiler, Germany


The annual German Club Wine and Beer Judging was held at the VFW on Thursday, January 17, 2008.

President Virgil Gress opened the meeting welcoming all attending and thanking Donna Humbert and Rita Eckerle for maintaining the snack table for the evening. Fr. John Silva said grace before the club enjoyed homemade Beef Barley soup, prepared by the VFW, and meat & cheese bites.

A thank you was also given to the welcoming table, attended by Rita Egler, Judy Gress, Judy Bennett and Sharon Dilger.

A motion was made and approved to elect the following 2008 slate of Directors for the German Club:

Father John Boeglin, Dave Buehler, Bob Dilger, Raymie Eckerle, Dan Wehr, Patti Goepfrich, Dan Gutgsell, Jim Gutgsell, Matt Hilger, Janet Kluemper, & Linus Lechner

It was announced that Dan Wehr and Al Bennett have agreed to Co-Chair the Strassenfest German Club Stand for 2008.
President Gress announced there are changes made in the requirements for the annual $1000 German Club Scholarship Award. For further information on these new requirements, please contact Linda Wehr or Fred Hollinden.

A welcome was given to The Jasper Suds Club who were represented at this evening’s meeting by members Steve Dills, Justin Rumbach, Steve Bartels, Bob Sunderman and Darren Patterson.

Erin Doboze from the JHS German Club was on hand pre-selling tickets for their Annual Chili Soup supper to be held before the basketball game Friday, January 25th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the JHS Cafeteria. This chili soup supper consists of all you can eat chili, hot dogs, soft drinks and desserts, and is a fundraiser for those students planning on attending the next German exchange in June. The meal prices are $6/adult and $3/child.

New Club members were given a special welcome. These are as follows:
Steve & Vickie Dills, Steven Bartels, Phil & Kristen Ruhe, Gil & Nancy Eckerle, Fr. John Silva, Lila Seger, Dave & Sandy Wehr & Justin Rumbach

The membership enjoyed jokes and stories told by Dan Hoffman, Ray Lechner, Dave Buehler and Marlene Greener.

Attendance and special gifts were won by Cletus Knies, Leroy Schnaus, John Hoffman, Rita Eckerle and Rita Egler.

Tasters for this year’s wine and beer judges are Ray Lechner, Gene Kiefner, Matt Hilger and Dave Kluemper. Chairperson Scott Ortiz announced he and his wife Kristen and son, Erik, are moving back to Berlin in February to take over one of Kristen’s father’s businesses. Best wishes were given to Scott & Kristen with hopes to see them back in Jasper in the near future.

Winners of the 2008 German Club Wine & Beer Judging are as follows:

Grape Wine:
First Place, Linda Wehr
Second Place, Steven Bartels
Third Place, Harvey Berger

Non-Grape Wine:
First Place, Charles Knust
Second Place, Dave Buehler
Third Place, Ken Schnell

First Place, Steven Dills
Second Place, The Jasper Suds Club
Third Place, Bob Sunderman

The next German Club meeting is Thursday, February 21st, at the VFW. For more information on the agenda for the meeting, please consult the Newsletter.

Minutes were taken by Sharon Dilger.

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars
February Deutscher Verein Meeting

Date:   Thursday, February 21, 2008
Place:  VFW in Jasper
Time:   6:00PM   Social Hour
            6:30PM    Desserts and Snacks (provided by
                            the members)           

    7:00PM  Club Meeting
    7:15PM  Dave Buehler, Nancy Eckerle, Kristen Ruhe, and Ron Flick
Come and find out what ROJAC are planning for this year (2008) and what we as German Club members can do to help. This is going to be a very exciting year for Jasper and the surrounding areas. We will have Dave Buehler, Nancy Eckerle, Kristen Ruhe, and Ron Flick keeping us up to date on all the exciting things that will be happening this year.
Members with last names A – L are asked to bring desserts and those M – Z are asked to bring snacks or hors de oeuvres.  The club will provide drinks.

March Activity

There will be no regular meeting in March but Deutscher Verein members and the public are invited to attend the Indiana German Heritage Annual Dinner Meeting on Friday, March 14th, at the American Legion in Jasper.

A reception at the American Legion will begin at  6:00pm and dinner, program, and entertainment beginning at 6:30pm. Cost for the dinner, program, and entertainment will be $15 with a cash bar.  The program will be Janet Kluemper of the Dubois County Museum and Mayor William Schmitt and Matthias Hilger discussing the Sister City Partnership with Pfaffenweiler, Germany. 

On Saturday, Matthias Hilger, President of the Jasper Partnership Commission and former resident of Pfaffenweiler, Germany, will introduce the presentations to be given at the Dubois County Museum and after lunch, there will be time to tour the Dubois County Museum.  Allow approximately 2 hours for a complete and meaningful tour of the Museum.  The Dubois County Museum is one of the best Museums in the state of Indiana.  Cost for coffee, juice, pastry, lunch, and program will be $15. 

The presentations on Saturday will be:  Father John Schipp - German Immigration into Dubois and part of Spencer County.

Ron Flick - Registered Architect - German Architecture in Jasper and presentation using old Jasper postcards.

Father John Boeglin - German Catholics Immigration into Dubois County and their contributions and Celestine’s Sister City Partnership with Wagshurst, Germany. 

Kristen Ruhe - Executive Director - Dubois County Visitors Center and Tourism Commission - German influence on Dubois County

Reservations for either Friday or Saturday can be made by calling Patti Goepfrich at 482-4821 by March 3.  There will be a sign up sheet at the February Deutscher Verein meeting.

Deutscher Verein Website Update

For the year of 2007, the Deutscher Verein website received an average of 34,274 hits a month.  For 2006, the average hits a month were 26,282, and for 2005, an average of 13,585 hits a month.  The world is becoming acquainted with the Deutscher Verein and Dubois County.  Check it out!!!


The following are graphs that Matthias Hilger puts together monthly to track the popularity of our website. 

Thanks to Matthias Hilger for his efforts!!!

Graph of Website Hits

Grapht of Website Visitors

Jasper DeutscherVerein Taking Scholarship Applications

The Jasper Deutscher Verein is offering a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a German student of Dubois County.  If you have a child, grandchild or know of anyone who would like to submit an application, please inform them to contact their Guidance Counselor at their school.  Applications must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2008.  If any questions, please contact Linda Wehr at 482-4432.

At their January Board of Directors’ Meeting, the following adopted the following qualifications for the Dubois County Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00. 

1.  Completion of the common scholarship application available from the School’s Guidance Office.

2.    Successful completion of two years of high school German.

3.   Two years of active participation in German Club or German Civic affairs in other schools.

4.   Verification of enrollment in a German course at the college of their choice, or participation in an accredited German study abroad program such as the IU Honors Program.

5.   Submission of a one page or less essay stating your personal qualifications and intentions.    

6.     GPA consideration.

7.     Participation in an exchange program or hosting an exchange student.

8.     Submission of two letters of recommendation from adults other than school personnel regarding personal character, etc.

9.     The scholarship will be awarded upon verification of enrollment in German at college or acceptance into another German study abroad program such as the IU Honors Program.  A $500.00 scholarship will be given for the first semester and will be renewable for the second semester.

10.  Parental membership in the Jasper Deutscher Verein will be considered.

11.  Submission of all completed forms by April 1st, to:

President of Jasper Deutscher Verein, P.O. Box 15,
Jasper, Indiana 47547-0015

Rev. 1/2008

New Members of the Deutscher Verein
Steve and Vickie Dills, Steven Bartels, Fr. John Silva, Dave and Sandy Wehr, and Justin Rumbach

News from Norb Krapf
The new CD, Imagine – Indiana in Music and Words by Norbert Krapf & Monika Herzig,   is now available in Indianapolis at The History Center Gift Shop, Luna Music, Indy CD & Vinyl and soon at Barnes & Noble and Borders stores; in Bloomington at Barnes & Noble, TIS Music Shop, Monroe County Historical Society Gift Shop, Waldron Arts Center Gift Shop, Wandering Turtle Arts Gallery, B-ton Visitors Center; in Jasper at the Gift Shop of the Dubois County Museum; and Online at www.CDBaby.com and soon at www.Amazon.com. You can also send an order request to mherzig@indiana.edu or to ACME Records, 3375 E Old Meyers Rd, Bloomington, IN 47408 - cost for up to three CDs is $15 each plus $2 shipping and handling, after that add $1 s&h per CD.
For a complete track listing, entire audio file of the first two tracks, and samples of the other tracks, visit www.acmemrecords and click on the CD image on that page.  Click on “Performance Content” for the audio file of Norbert’s version of “On the Road with the Hampton Sisters.” For the text and complete audio file of “One Long Love Song,” go to http://www.krapfpoetry.com/xmascard.htm.

German Attire Needed.....

The Strassenfest Queen Pageant committee is trying to compile a list of names for the pageant winners to call when they need to borrow clothes for Strassenfest weekend.  The clothing needed is for the queen and her runners up, Little Miss and Little Mister.  There is talk of a new level called Jr. Miss for next year so that would involve the Middle School ages. 

Your generosity in allowing your outfits to be borrowed would be greatly appreciated. It would make it so much easier for the committee and candidates to have a list of names and sizes instead of using the "jungle network" each year.  The committee is also asking that if anyone is finished with their outfits, they will take them as donations and they do have a place to store them. 
If you would like to help out the committee, please call Becky Hickman, 482 - 2540. 

Empty Beer Bottles

Please remember to return any empty beer bottles from the Picnic to Bob Sunderman or Matthias Hilger.

Members of the JHS German Student Exchange Program going to Germany in 2009

Members of JHS German Student Exchange Program going to Germany in 2009

Pictured bottom row, L to R
Edward Mendez, Olivia Gutgsell, Allison Fierst, Brittney Mann, Erika Gramelspacher, Alex Hilger, Kyle Bush, and Chase Braun.
Second Row, L to R
Chris Weisheit, Jordan Lichlyter, and Ben Baker

Thank you to all the Deutscher Verein Members who came out to support the German Exchange Program’s Chili supper on January 25th. We appreciate your support for our 2009 exchange trip.

Erin Doboze

Address Changes for Newsletters

If a member has an address change, please notify Rita Egler at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN  47547-0015 or call her at 634-9068. 

Any help you can give in maintaining postage costs is greatly appreciated!!!!

Potential New Club Members

If someone knows of a potential new club member and would like information about the Deutscher Verein forwarded, please contact Ruth Wibbels at 482-5403 or Rita Egler at 634-9068.

Membership Dues

It’s that time of year again!  Please submit your dues for 2008 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form at the back of the Newsletter or by attending the March or April meeting.  Rita Egler, Treasurer, will be accepting dues at those meetings.

Single membership is $5.00 per year and a couple membership is $10 per year.  What a deal!!!  What an opportunity to experience our German heritage on a monthly basis.

Renew your membership now OR give a membership for a family member or someone new to the area.  What a welcoming gift!!!! 

Indiana German Heritage 24th Annual Meeting and Symposium

The IGHS 24th Annual Meeting and Symposium will be held on Friday evening, March 14th, and Saturday, March 15th, here in Jasper.  The Friday evening dinner and program will be held at the American Legion in Jasper.  The Saturday morning program and luncheon will be held at the Dubois County Museum.  The public is invited to the dinner, luncheon, and programs and reaffirm their dedication to our German heritage.

If anyone has any questions, they may call Patti Goepfrich at 482-4821.

Erinnerst Du Dich?

The following is the beginning of the pamphlet, The Pfaffenweiler Emigration by Gerhard Auer.  This pamphlet was written in September, 1984 and the English version translated by Seiffert.  Enjoy!!!!!


This exhibition about emigration is the first major exhibition in our new one year-old-village museum that deals with village history.

This subject was suggested by the imminent visit from Jasper, in the middle of September.  Many descendents of former emigrants from Pfaffenweiler live in Jasper today.  The community and clerical archives contain multiple records and documents relating to this historical event which are now elevated for further processing.

It is the purpose of this booklet to document cause and execution of this surge of emigration.

Several failed harvests and a rapid increase in population had caused need, impoverishment and desperation.  The community‘s efforts to cope with these problems were in vain.  Finally about one fourth of the local population had no choice but to leave home.

In the 19th century some three hundred people left Pfaffenweiler to find a new existence some place else.  Beforehand, however, applications had to be written and all possession had to be sold.  Then came the time to part from relatives and the familiar environment.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Auer for this research and exemplarily demonstration of Pfaffenweiler’s history of emigration. 

Revival of relationship between Pfaffenweiler and Jasper may be understood as the resonance of a painful separation that has lasted for the past 130 years.  The term “Schwesterstadt” (sister-city) indicates a relationship of equal right or even same of kin.

Of course, past historical situations cannot be transferred into the presence, however they can be learned from.  Emigration was an attempt to overcome misery through mobility and courage.  We may re-experience how to be an alien in an alien world.  Perhaps this replication of a historical process will encourage and even better enable us to solve our everyday professional and training problems.  Perhaps our understanding will improve for aliens who seek a new existence with us and cannot find it in their native country. 

Fritz Gutgsell, Mayor

Sweet and Sour Potatoes

Yield:  4 Servings

8 New Potatoes: boiled in skin
1 Medium Onion – diced
¼ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Pepper
¾ Cup Sugar
¾ Cup Vinegar
4 Slices of Bacon

Peel and cube potatoes.  Add diced onion, salt, pepper, and sugar.  Put aside in a covered bowl.  In a small fry pan, fry the bacon until crisp.  Add the vinegar to the hot bacon and bring to a boil.  Pour immediately over potato mixture.  Mix well. If too sour, add a little more sugar before serving.  Cut endive or leaf lettuce and add to this if desired.

(taken from www.derdeutschemichel-online.de)

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Ein Prosit
Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Eins Zwei, Drei…G’suffa

A toast, A toast, To happy times, A toast, A toast, To happy times, One, two three… drink up


Happy Valentine’s Day To All!!!

Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club)
German Heritage Endowment

A donor-advised endowment to benefit generations in ensuring that our German heritage is preserved and enriched in Jasper and Dubois County.

Claude and Martina Eckert
Sister Cities Endowment

A designated endowment to provide support to Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. to support the Jasper/Pfaffenweiler relationship.

A gift to the Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club) German Heritage Endowment or to the Claude and Martina Eckert Sister Cities Endowment is a wonderful way to remember that special someone. A gift in honor of someone or in memory of someone may be given. The Dubois County Community Foundation will send a letter of acknowledgment to the individual being honored or to the family of someone being remembered. Send your gift along with the appropriate information to the Dubois County Community Foundation, P. O. Box 269, Jasper, IN 47547-0269. Envelopes are also available at the greeting table at each club meeting.


Enclosed is my gift of $___________.   Please direct my gift to the __________________________________ Endowment (Please specify appropriate Endowment).  

Name: _______________________________________

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City/State/Zip: _________________________________

I want my gift to be in memory of/in honor of:



Please acknowledge gift:

Name: _______________________________________




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It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2008 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form. Thanks!

SEND TO: Jasper Deutscher Verein, ATTN: Rita Egler, P.O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47546


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