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January 2009

Mayor of Pfaffenweiler

Sends Christmas Greetings

As we hear the Christmas songs during this holiday season, we realize how fast another year has gone by. This past year we experienced highs and lows in the economy like never before. We have had some progress in our community but have also had setbacks. This has affected not only our government and business but has touched the lives of our citizens.

But we should not allow the situation to weigh heavy on our minds. According to the Scottish saying: "Angels can fly because they are not weighted by their own burdens." We should not take life so seriously. We need to proceed with caution but with optimism and care.

In the spirit of Christmas, I want to thank the citizens of Jasper for their friendship and hope that our two communities can continue to work together through our partnership in 2009.

Mayor Dieter Hahn

Pfaffenweiler, Germany

Deutscher Verein November Meet

The Deutscher Verein held its monthly meeting Thursday, November 20th at the Jasper VFW beginning with a social half hour at 6:00.

President Virgil Gress opened the meeting by thanking the greeters, Judy Bennett, Judy Gress and Sharon Dilger and all who brought food for the lunch enjoyed by the membership.

Members were asked to sign up for the Christmas program on December 18th.

Pres. Gress congratulated Rafe and Phyllis Ackerman again for receiving the German-American Heritage award for their services to the club and their work to keep up our German heritage. Special thanks went to Patti Goepferich, Lois Kuntz, Raymie Eckerle, Matt Hilger and Dan Gutgsell who made the arrangements.

As per usual, Dan Hoffman, assisted by Al Hopf and Ray Lechner, was auctioneer for the annual November auction of items brought in by the membership. Proceeds of the auction, totaling $1445 went to the JHS German Exchange Program. Members of the JHS club were present to help with the auction.

Special prizes went to Al Hopf and Leo Eckerle. Attendance prizes went to Dan Hoffman and Ashley Weisheit.

Next meeting will be the Christmas Party on December 18 with a dinner at the VFW.

New members are always welcome.

Ruth Wibbels


Jasper Deutscher Verein Christmas

Dinner Program

The Deutscher Verein met on Thursday, December 18 for their annual Christmas party meeting at the VFW in Jasper.

President Virgil Gress opened the meeting by thanking the ladies at the greeting table; Judy Gress, Judy Bennett and Sharon Dilger. He gave a brief update on the mill project.

He thanked Fran Johnson for cooking the meal for us and then Father John Boeglin gave the blessing.

Following the meeting, Dan Hoffman and the Mountain Harmony Blue Grass Band entertained the crowd.

Special prizes went to Mary Young, Stan Schnell and Bob Steffe.

Poinsettia attendance prizes went to: Charlie Durcholz, Dorothy Schnaus, Janice Sunderman, Joan Knies, Betty Kempf, John Oeding, Ed Kreilein, Steve Smith, Vic Knies, Gary Egler, Ardella Kordes and Gladys Knust.

Meeting was adjourned with the president wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Ruth Wibbels


Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars

January Deutscher Verein Meeting
January 15, 2009

The January meeting will be on Thursday, January 15, 2009, at the VFW.  As has become our custom, this meeting will be our annual beer and wine tasting/judging gathering.  Members are encouraged to bring samples of their beer and wine making for the annual competition.  Categories will be judged in Grape Wine, Non-Grape / Other Wines, and Beer.   Let's have a great turnout and let us know which beer or wine you feel is the best

It's Chili Time!!!!

The JHS German Exchange Chili Supper will be on February 6th, 2009 in the JHS cafeteria. All you can eat chili, hotdog or peanut butter sandwich, dessert, and drink will be sold from 5:30-8:00pm. Also, gallons of chili will be sold for $15.00. Tickets may be bought from any JHS German Exchange student. Tickets bought before the supper will be $5.00 and tickets sold the day of will be $6.00. Children are $3.00. Thank you for all your support and generosity!

Address Changes for Newsletters

If a member has an address change, please notify Rita Egler at P. O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47547-0015 or call her at 634-9068.

Any help you can give in maintaining postage costs is greatly appreciated!!!!

Potential New Club Members

If someone knows of a potential new club member and would like information about the Deutscher Verein forwarded, please contact Ruth Wibbels at 482-5403 or Rita Egler at 634-9068.

Membership Dues

It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2009 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the form at the back of the Newsletter or by attending the January, February, March, or April meeting. Rita Egler, Treasurer, will be accepting dues at those meetings.

Please note expiration date of membership on mailing label of the newsletter.

Single membership is $5.00 per year and a couple membership is $10 per year. What a deal!!! What an opportunity to experience our German heritage on a monthly basis.

Renew your membership now OR give a membership for a family member or someone new to the area. What a welcoming gift!!!!

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Ein Prosit

Ein Prosit, der Gemut-lich-keit, Eins Zwei, Drei.G'suffa

A toast, A toast, To happy times, A toast, A toast, To happy times, One, two three. drink up

Deutscher Verein



Virgil Gress - President


Al Bennett - Vice President


Rita Egler - Treasurer


Ruth Wibbels - Secretary


Die Zeitung

Editor: Patti Goepfrich

Phone: 482-4821

e-mail: pmgoep@fullnet.com

Deutscher Verein Website:


Fr. John Boeglin

Dave Buehler

Bob Dilger

Raymie Eckerle

Patti Goepfrich

Dan Gutgsell

Jim Gutgsell

Matthias Hilger

Janet Kluemper

Linus Lechner

Danny Wehr


Serving Size : 1

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 c *noodles
3 c Water, boiling
1 x Salt
3 tb Butter
3 tb Flour
1/2 ts Salt
1/2 ts Paprika
1 1/2 c Milk
2 ea Egg, well beaten
1/4 lb Cheese, american swiss

Boil the noodles in salted water and cook about 10
minutes until tender. Drain and put into a
well-greased ring mold. Melt the butter, add the flour
and blend. Stir in the milk and continue cooking,
stirring constantly until mixture thickens. Add the
seasoning and cheese cut in small pieces. Cook until
cheese melts. Reserve 1/2 of the sauce to use later.
To the remaining sauce, add the well beaten eggs and
mix well. Pour over the noodles. Set mold in pan
containing hot water and bake at 350-F about 45
minutes. Unmold on large platter, pour over the
remaining hot cheese sauce and fill center with any
desired vegetable, such as peas and carrots, spinach
or asparagus tips.

Endowments at the

Dubois County Community Foundation

Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club)

German Heritage Endowment

A donor-advised endowment to benefit generations in ensuring that our German heritage is preserved and enriched in Jasper and Dubois County.

Claude and Martina Eckert

Sister Cities Endowment

A designated endowment to provide support to Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. to support the Jasper/Pfaffenweiler relationship.

A gift to the Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club) German Heritage Endowment or to the Claude and Martina Eckert Sister Cities Endowment is a wonderful way to remember that special someone. A gift in honor of someone or in memory of someone may be given. The Dubois County Community Foundation will send a letter of acknowledgment to the individual being honored or to the family of someone being remembered. Send your gift along with the appropriate information to the Dubois County Community Foundation, P. O. Box 269, Jasper, IN 47547-0269. Envelopes are also available at the greeting table at each club meeting.


Enclosed is my gift of $__________________________

to the________________________________________

(Please specify appropriate Endowment)

Name: _______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________

I want my gift to be in memory of / in honor of:


Please acknowledge my gift to:

Name: _______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________

Membership Dues

It's that time of year again! Please submit your dues for 2009 as soon as possible by completing and sending in the following form. Thanks!


SEND TO: Jasper Deutscher Verein, ATTN: Rita Egler, P.O. Box 15,

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